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Humanity = Empathy

The Relational Institute Australia (TRIA) is an organisation that seeks to educate and collaborate with those who want to live and work from a relational approach.

Applications for 2023 is now open: contact us for an info pack 

What is the Relational Approach?

A relational approach values your sense of connection to yourself, to others, and to our shared place in the world. It encourages increased awareness of being “at home’ in your embodied experience, your ability to be responsive to other people, and a recognition of our interdependence with the natural world.
This ethos in intrinsic in our Gestalt Therapy training & our personal & professional development events.

When shared, these values build a culture. A relational culture, which promotes awareness, empathy, inclusion and collaboration, while seeking to diminish, disconnection and social isolation.

At TRIA we believe that…

As humans, we grow out of this planet and will only survive our increasing global problems through developing a sustainable relationship with each other and our natural environment.

Our Vision is to create positive change in our selves, our communities and our planet.

Our Mission is to:

Fundamentally what you will learn with us is something you live and are, rather than something you do to people.

Together, we work.