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Counselling Clinic

Our therapists are here to listen and help you make a positive shift in your life

Life can sometimes throw you unexpected challenges, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unable to function like you usually do.

So many people go through tough periods in their lives and try to do it alone – without support or guidance. This can often leave you feeling like there is no way out – with no one to lead the way and help you through this tough time.

At TRIA, part of our mission is to make quality mental and emotional health therapy services available to a broad range of people, rather than just those who can afford them; we believe this has a positive social impact.

We do this by offering Gestalt therapy sessions to the public at affordable rates.

There is no limit to the number of sessions you can have with our therapists. 

For all Clinic enquires please contact

The good news – you can talk to us, and it’s totally affordable

Sessions are provided by our community of students and graduates who are in close and regular supervision. Student sessions: $55 Graduate: $88

Please get in contact with the Clinic Coordinator if you require further discounts due to financial hardship.

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