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Everyone is talking about Ecotherapy

Therapists seem to be feeling the call to take their clients outside of the usual four walls.

So what is Ecotherapy?

Eco therapy, nature based or green therapy is the the applied practice of the emergent field of ecopsychology, which was developed by Theodore Roszak.

Essentially this body of work invites us to reconsider the impacts of colonisation, which suggests we are all separate individuals and nature is something for humans to fear or dominate. Nature based therapy exposes this paradigm of thinking as The big Lie, and reminds us that we are all interconnected as species that cohabit this planet, and that in fact, developing a connection with the natural world is restorative and deeply resourcing.

In summary, Ecotherapy

1. describes the current state of dis-ease within the Human/Nature relationship.

2. Reveals the pathologies we face as individuals  as being interdependent upon the health of our wider environment. 

3. Prescribes the methods by which healing of this human/nature spilt can be remedied.

Fostering a connection to nature has been shown to mitigate symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, improve mood in those with depression, enhance self-esteem, reduce anxiety and improve interpersonal skills. 

People can of course foster a connection with nature without a therapist, however working with a nature based therapist can offer methods to dialogue with and lean into nature as the co-therapist.

Gestalt Therapy supports this work perfectly; with its embodied and field oriented approach.

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