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TRIA Profiles – Gay

Gay is one of our recent graduates from our two year Gestalt Training Sydney Program. She portrays the challenges and benefits of GTS and the positive impact that it has had upon her life.

What attracted you towards studying Gestalt therapy?

I was working on my personal issues with my therapist for about a year, when I received an email with information regarding an open night for a Gestalt Therapy Course. I didn’t plan on attending, until I had an argument with my husband and going to this open night was the perfect excuse to get out of the house. After hearing the presentation, I was intrigued and I decided I would give the first year ago and treat it as personal development. But I quickly realised the course had so much more to offer and once I had started, I knew I had to finish to full course.

What has been your favourite moment at GTS/TRIA so far?

My three favourite moments at GTS:

  1. Meeting and building relationships with like-minded people
  2. The ongoing support of Gestalt Therapy philosophy and the ability to support clients using relational Gestalt principles
  3. My graduation! What an achievement – I feel pride in the work that I have done

What is your number one tip that you’d give to someone looking to incorporate Gestalt principles into their life?

I would like to offer two tips:

  1. Once you start the journey and learn the principles of Gestalt it becomes impossible to unlearn them. Nevertheless, Gestalt is likely to become an intrinsic aspect of who you are.
  2. The work won’t be easy but if you’re looking for personal growth/development, an understanding of yourself or even an interesting career path, then the hard work is absolutely worth it!

How has training in Gestalt changed you and/or your life?

I wish I had Gestalt training much earlier in my life. If I look back on my life, I cringe at how little compassion I had for myself and for others, how hard I struggled to control my world and those in it and the suffering that all of this caused me and others. My Gestalt training has helped me make better sense of my world, I am able to meet the challenges that life brings with compassion, acceptance and empathy. I am not suggesting that I have it all worked out, but I’m getting closer – I feel like I am finally on a path that makes sense, that is self-determined and rewarding. I have a lot of gratitude for my Gestalt training.

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