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Therapists as light bearers

Gestalt therapists are light bearers.

We don’t propose to sit on the other side of a dark, foggy lake and say to our clients; “jump in and kick for your life…I’ll see you at the other side!”

Our non-hierarchical, holistic modality, demands that we; as therapists or guides, dive into our own dark waters, get to know them, befriend them, learn from them and emerge wiser for having traversed such depths.

It is not until we have done this that we can offer a light to other humans, that says:

“Its ok, I know its dark.  I don’t know what specifically is in your darkness, but I will bring a light.  I will hold your hand and together we will find our way through to the other side. You can trust me because, from my own journeying, I am not afraid of the dark.”

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